I'm A Silly Mami: Family Fun Day; Disney On Ice   

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Family Fun Day; Disney On Ice

disney on iceOver the weekend we took Buggy to Disney On Ice. She’s not really familiar with a lot of the Disney movies like Ariel, Lion King and Peter Pan and Snow White but she still had a great time. Her favorites right now are Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Little Einstein’s, Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse.

Even though we were a good distance from the ice Buggy was still a bit leery when Mickey and the gang came out. She is still afraid of characters. We were going to take her to Disney this past December for her birthday but we noticed that during Halloween when some of the teachers dressed up, it really freaked her out so we totally cancelled that trip. We are going to take her in April but I think we’ll just be visiting the animals and keep our distance from the characters walking around.

We kept looking at Buggy to see if she was really enjoying herself instead of just saying yes and she really was. She was waving at them, clapping and had a big smile on her face. The show wasn’t very long – maybe an hour and a half I think.

I tried to take some pictures with my phone when they weren’t moving around too fast so they wouldn’t be so blurry. Some of them came out pretty good.

20130203_144014  20130203_144558 20130203_160701  20130203_161800(0)

It was a great ending to the weekend. Have you been to Disney On Ice?


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