I'm A Silly Mami: When You’re Angry, Go To The Bathroom And Flush!   

Friday, January 18, 2013

When You’re Angry, Go To The Bathroom And Flush!

flush itToday I was speaking with a new resident at the Assisted Living Community center where I work. Ms. Shirlee came up from Chicago and she was a bit depressed with the recent move because she was leaving her friends and her home behind but her daughter wanted her to be closer to them. It was also the one year anniversary since her husband passed.

Ms. Shirlee mentioned she was married for 63 years. She got married at 19 and when her mother was giving her marriage advice she told her that when you get mad/angry and on the verge of saying something she may regret, she should go into the bathroom and flush. She said to flush as many times as needed to flush those angry words down the toilet and then go about your day like nothing happened. That was the same advice she passed on to her daughters and the same advice she gave me.

I think if she lasted 63 years on that advice, I’m certainly willing to try it especially since next week the Hubs and I will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. Man, I wish I were given this advice years ago!  Smile

What’s the best marriage advice you received?


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