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Saturday, January 26, 2013

When Your Child Is Sick

20130123_183332There is no worse feeling in the world than seeing your child sick and there really isn’t much that you can do other than cuddle and give her lots of TLC. You want to take the aches away, you would do anything to trade places with her just to see her smile and hear her laugh again. It’s just not the same when they are sick. It really breaks my heart.

Yesterday was the first time Buggy was feeling better after being sick for a week. Last Wednesday she had her flu shot and by Friday she had a fever. Aside from not eating much, she seemed to be a bit better over the weekend and Tuesday morning I brought her to school but a couple of hours later I got the call while I was at work to come pick her up. My poor baby looked horrible so off to the Dr.’s we went and my poor baby had a double ear infection.

For two days I did absolutely nothing in my house except sit and cuddle with my baby. All she would say was “Mami, I need a hug” so we hugged for two days. It’s been a week and she is finally able to eat. She had been refusing to eat anything other than a bite of anything here and there.

I’m so glad she is doing better and pretty much back to normal. She’s still asking for hugs and I’m more than happy to do as I’m asked Smile.

How are your kids when their sick?


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