I'm A Silly Mami: Does A Three Year Old Understand What Happened In #Newtown?   

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Does A Three Year Old Understand What Happened In #Newtown?

NEWTOWN CT PRAYER CANDLEMy heart is still hurting for what has happened in Newtown. I cannot imagine what they are going through. Our thoughts and prayers goes out to every one there.

I was at work Friday morning and didn’t hear about the shooting until about 1PM.  Every single time you hear about a school shooting it scares the hell out of you. I always prayed for those families. But this time it was a bit different. This time I am one of those parents with a child in pre-school. Buggy turned three yesterday and we just celebrated her birthday on Sunday.

When I left work I went to the school and picked up my baby early. I needed to hold my baby girl. Although I was being completely “normal” things seemed different with Buggy. She was very clingy and just wanted to be held. She was her happy self but the rest of the weekend she didn’t want to leave my side, wanted to be held and kept telling me that she needed a hug. This went on all weekend. Tuesday morning I was getting her ready to go to school and she absolutely refused. I don’t usually tell her that we are going to school but that we are going to go play with her friends and mention her teachers and she’s usually fine but not that morning. Buggy absolutely refused to leave the house. I tried all my bribes and nothing worked. I even had to drag her kicking and screaming across the street to go feed our neighbors cat. She’s never said no to an animal. I kept her home from school that day and after lots of cuddles and hugs I finally got her to go out and run some errands with me.

I know that she doesn’t understand what happened on that terrible Friday in Newtown and it’s almost like she totally understands. I honestly don’t know what has caused the change. I brought her to school today and it was really tough leaving her. Usually I can sneak out and she is fine. Today I stood outside her classroom and heard her screaming “I want mama”, “I want to go with mama”. It was painful but I need to stick to the routine. I am hoping tomorrow will be better.

Did your kids understand what happened in Newtown? Did you see any changes in their behavior?


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