I'm A Silly Mami: Happy Birthday To Me   

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

80483d5c373711e2859c22000a9f0a20_7Today is my birthday. It feels just like any other day. I don’t really keep track of how old I am and most of the time I really have to think hard when I’m asked my age. I am in my early forty’s but I don’t like to be defined by a number because I feel like I’m in my early 30’s. Although this past month has been tough and exhausting. Lately I’ve been zonked out by 9:30P and my blog has taken quite a hit. I’m a night owl and generally go to bed around midnight or 1AM. Hopefully I can get back to my regular schedule once the holiday crazies are over. With Thanksgiving and my birthday done, I still have Buggy’s birthday and Christmas in the same week.

Back to my birthday. Yesterday after I came in from walking Chantal I hade this beautiful cake waiting for me. The girls –Buggy and “Baby” our 6 year old neighbor and the husband sang happy birthday when I walked in the door. It was so cute. Buggy presented me with a nice gift – a brand new laptop. I was so happy especially since mine has been totally crappy out on me.

My husband flew out this morning so it was really a quite and special day with my girls –Buggy and my fur babies.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!



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