I'm A Silly Mami: Happy Birthday Papi   

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Papi

happy  BDay papiBirthday’s are supposed to be happy events with family and friends, balloons, music and everyone laughing and having a great time. A time for cake and ice cream – not that you need a special event to have cake and ice cream.

Yesterday was Papi’s birthday. He would have turned 71. When I woke up yesterday morning my first thought was of my father and wished him a wonderful birthday.  For breakfast Buggy and I had pumpkin muffins so we lit a candle, placed it in the muffin and sang happy birthday to Abuelo (grandpa) and Buggy blew out the candle. She had so much fun we actually did it few times. Papi would have appreciated that – he was just a funny guy with a silly personality and loved to have a good time. We believe in celebrating life and death. It’s ok to cry and miss someone you love so much that your heart aches but it’s also truly wonderful to celebrate them in death as well. We think of all the happy times, tell silly stories and just laugh. I tell Buggy all about her Abuelo all the time, we talk to his pictures and kiss him a lot! It’s been eight years since I lost Papi and for Buggy it’s almost like he’s been here with her all along.

We were going to release a balloon too but it was pouring outside so Papi, we owe you a balloon.

Papi, I know you had a wonderful birthday up in Heaven with Mami and so many of our family. I miss you so much Daddy.

Te amo mucho mi Angel, besos y un abrazo bien grande y para Mami tambien.

Tu querida hija,


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