I'm A Silly Mami: Amazing Rescue Dog Saves Nine Week Old Baby   

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amazing Rescue Dog Saves Nine Week Old Baby

rescue dog saves newbornHave you seen this story and video?  I love this story. I’ve been working with Rescue for over 10 years and I love to see wonderful stories like this. This is just another reason why everyone SHOULD consider adopting a shelter dog. So many times when I’ve done home visits and potential adoptee’s I hear that they are reluctant to adopt an older dog or shelter dog because they may have “baggage”. That is just not the case.

I have heard so many reasons why people surrender their dogs from moving into a new home and not wanting the dog to scratch the floors even after having the dog for five or six years to “I didn’t realize Boxers get this big and have this much energy”. Many times these dogs are put into shelters because people just don’t do the research. They see a cute little puppy at the pet store and without researching the breed, bring the puppy home. I have seen so much abuse, abandoned and neglected dogs and even after all they have been through these amazing animals still have so much love to give.

As in Duke’s case, these rescued dogs know that they have been abandoned and given a second chance. They just want to be loved, fed and someone to snuggle with. They know the difference of being tied up and neglected to having a wonderful family give them a second chance.

If you are looking for a wonderful furry friend for your family please consider a shelter pup. These animals didn’t ask to be abandoned. The shelter can be a scary place for them and given the chance they will do everything they can to show their gratitude.  With the holiday’s coming I also beg you to NOT surprise someone with a pet. I’ve seen this many many times and it’s another reason why so many animals end up in shelters. Some people think it’s a great idea giving someone a pet after they just lost one and that is just a terrible idea. That person may not be ready. If you can’t adopt, please consider volunteering at your local animal shelter. They would certainly appreciate it.

credit: CBS News

Please consider a shelter pet today!


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