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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mama I Want Douche

IMG_20120929_074223It cracks me up every time I hear Buggy say this. What she’s really saying is Mama I want juice. I have not given her any juice at all until about a month ago. I just didn’t see the need for it especially with all the sugar in it. And because she likes her sweet stuff –she gets that from her daddy – I try very hard to keep the sugar away from her.

Buggy is just now really talking. Oh she “ talks” a lot and all the time but she’s just now starting to say what she wants and form sentences. She would sign or just get what she wants so she really didn’t care to talk much. Buggy has always been a funny little tish but now that she’s really talking she’s even funnier. I’m really looking forward to hearing more of the funny stuff that will come out of her mouth.

What are some funny sayings that came out of your toddler’s mouth?



  1. I have to say that is one of the cutest things.

    The most recent funny thing to come out of Hayley's mouth is the sobbing in the tub as she told me she didn't want to get old. The girl is having a mid-preschooler crisis as she faces her upcoming birthday and the reality that she will be 5.

  2. Fricken hilarious!! My kids never had anything quite like yours, but I do remember that when my oldest was a little guy, he used to call coconuts - "coconucks" and to this day in our house we still call them that :)

  3. Trader Joes' Poofs she called them poops. Yeah they do say some really cute stuff

  4. Kids say the craziest things. LOL. It's so fun though and it makes life so much more interesting!
    My 4 year old one day when we were sitting on the couch watching Spongebob he says:
    "You can take your socks off, I won't bite your toes"
    Me: "Why would you bite my toes?"
    Him: "I won't but some people might, those are the types of people you want to wear socks and shoes around"
    LOL. It caught me so off guard. Obviously we need to start wearing steel toed shoes. XD


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