I'm A Silly Mami: Is It Easier To Confide To Strangers?   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is It Easier To Confide To Strangers?

Recently Buggy and I were at the pet store getting some more food for the girls.  Just as I was checking out, the system started having issues and I was there for a good amount of time.  Standing behind me was a young lady in her late 20’s early 30’s who was very chatty and talking to Buggy. She kept commenting how cute she was and was talking about her sister’s kids and all the silly things they were doing.

She asked me if Buggy was my first and somehow we ended up talking about her wanting kids but she has Endometriosis and dealing with scar tissue and I think she said that she also had a Fallopian tube removed and would have to go through IVF if she were to have kinds. I told her that I too had a tube removed and had to go through IVF to have Buggy.   A part of me was surprised that this person was sharing such personal information with me at a check out line when she could have certainly moved into another register that was open. I kept apologizing but she said she didn’t mind at all. She seemed to really enjoy chatting and talking to Buggy.  If I can remember, I think she also mentioned that she was told that because she had the surgery to remove the scar tissue it would be easier for her to conceive. I thought it was strange that she was told that because with one tube, it’s even harder to conceive.

It was so easy and nice to talk to this girl. Out in the parking lot I had the urge to give her my phone number and told her if she wanted to talk some more… but I never did.  I don’t know if she just needed to talk about her situation hoping to engage others and have a connection or if that was just her chatty, no topic is off limits type of personality.


What do you guys think? Is it easier to share personal information with people you don’t know or you just met because they don’t know you and you feel they won’t judge you? Have you ever done it or has it happened to you? 



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