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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comfort Zone Diffuser with D.A.P. for Dogs Review

Pebbles (up front) & Chantal 2011
My boxers have always had issues with loud noises especially thunder and fireworks. For me, as their mom it always breaks my heart when I see them shaking during those situations and you obviously can’t pet them and tell them it’s ok because that just reinforces that scared behavior. I always tried and played with them or tried to distract them in any way. Sometimes it worked and other times not so much. I worried more especially for my Pebbles when I was at work. Pebbles was my nervous nellie baby and even freaked out when the smoke detector would go off. I miss her so much! I’m thankful my westies never had this problem.

When I was asked if I wanted to do a review on the Comfort Zone I jumped at the chance. Comfort Zone ® with D.A.P. ® Diffuser mimics the pheromones emitted by dogs that send a signal of comfort, helping animals feel at home in their environment. When your pet senses the pheromone, he feels secure and comfortable, reducing his fear reactions and his urge to act out destructively through chewing, scratching or house soiling. It’s also a great product to help pets adapt to surroundings when introducing new family members or traveling.

At first I have to admit that I didn’t see a difference in Chantal’s behavior. She was still barking and panting but was told that it actually takes about three months for the product to really work. Going into the second month It was hard to notice any changes and we hadn’t had any stormy weather to really see if the product was working but then the thunderstorms came and while Chantal would still follow me everywhere and pant I noticed that she wasn’t shaking. I thought hmmm, not bad, it’s helping her a little bit. Then about a week or so later someone was shooting off fireworks. I have to admit that I was really impressed because Chantal was doing so much better. Even though she would follow me around I saw that she was barely panting and she wasn’t shaking. She would come up to bed with me and actually ignored most of the fireworks – unless they were the really loud boom ones. It was really amazing to see her relax during that time. I’m just sorry that I never tried the product when we still had Pebbles.  Seeing how calm Chantal was being, I think that it would have really helped Pebbles.

A couple of days ago we have some really loud thunderstorms and I noticed that Chantal was really anxious. When I went to sit with her on the couch I noticed that she was shaking. That was my AHA moment- that the Comfort Zone product was really working for her. The next morning I went out and bought some more. I always worry if I’m not home when it is thundering and with the Comfort Zone product at least I know that she will be a bit more comfortable.

If you have a pet that is anxious or scared of loud noises I would definitely try this product. Remember that it takes about THREE months to actually see any results.  You can read more about their products on their website and don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

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  1. Good to know....we don't have a dog anymore, but in case we ever get another one.


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