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Monday, July 30, 2012

Is Your Toddler Addicted To Their Pacifier?

This past week has been a bit insane for us. I decided it was time to say good bye to the paci.  Buggy is now 2.5 and she seems to have a co-dependent relationship with the pacifier. She has done real well with not using it except for nap time or when she goes down for the night and then she gets sick and it goes right back to full blown attachment. Our pediatrician has been on my case to get rid of it since she turned about a year or so.

Our first night was a success. I even tweeted a picture of her passed out and sleeping in. I thought wow, a lot easier than I thought. On Friday when I brought her to school I told that teacher we were paci free for two days but if she needed it, it was in her backpack. I only mentioned it because I didn’t want her to be disruptive when the other kids were trying to sleep. They did give it to her at nap time but took it away after her nap so I had to start all over again and I have to tell you that it’s been hell this time around.

Sunday morning she was up at 4:30AM asking for the paci, wouldn’t go back to sleep and didn’t nap until we got in the car at 2:30 to go to my cousin’s graduation party and she only slept for an hour. It was an insane day. For the last few days we’ve had meltdown after meltdown. Is my kid going through major paci withdrawal? It seems like every little thing will set her off. Last night she found a paci lodged in the corner of her crib and you know what, I was kind of thankful for that (I took it away before she woke up). At least I was going to get some sleep and boy did I need it. Today she didn’t take a nap and kept asking for it. We had about 3 meltdowns all before 9AM – yea totally insane! I think I needed the paci more than she did.

So although I am going to continue my fight to make this a paci free home, I think I will meet her in the middle and just give it to her for nap and when she goes down for the night, after all, mami needs to sleep right? Maybe she is just not ready yet. I have been telling her for a while now that only babies use paci’s but my fear is that if she is not ready and I take it away then she will start to suck her thumb and we all know how hard that is to break. I remember going to elementary school and still sucking my thumb – and the buck teeth!

So how are you handling the paci situation in your home. How were you able to make your home paci free?

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  1. Myrah - Coupon MamacitaJuly 31, 2012 at 12:37 AM

    My daughter stopped using pacifiers at age 4! She would carry around with her, 3-4 at a time! Had to tell her that Santa would take the toys back if she didn't give them to him. She did!

  2. Does she like Elmo? There's a YouTube video of him putting it on a balloon and letting it fly off. I cannot give you any advice on this. At 9 months the frog princess decided that she didn't want it anymore and that was that. I was shocked and don't say that to many people fearing the wrath.

    Stay consistent, that's the best advice I can give you. Well that and, you know what's best for the two of you so, go with that ;-).

  3. Ya know, I never did the pacifier with either of my boys. I tried it with my oldest son when he was first home from the hospital, but it kept falling out of his mouth and I'd have to keep getting up to stick it back in & it pissed me off, so I threw it away and never went back to it. After that happened with my first, I didn't even bother with my second. I'm wicked lazy.....clearly.

  4. Irene, hang in there, they don't graduate with them (although you wonder if they may!) following you back :)

  5. my 6 yr old started sucking on her 2 fingers when she was 6 months old. i thought "hey, this is easier than the paci"...i just took a pic of her the other day, still sucking on those 2 fingers.. i told her to get her fingers outta her mouth, she goes "It's my fingers Mommy. You dont tell where my fingers wanna go. It's a
    fun place in my mouth and my fingers wanna go there. See look!" --and
    proceeded to show me her fingers dancing around on her tongue.... so.
    weird. haha.i think i should have stuck with the paci...
    =) thanks for stopping by and saying hi with the blog hop , girl.. =)

  6. OMG - she is hilarious! That's been my fear. paci's are so much easier

  7. LOL! mental image of her walking across the podium with her paci in her mouth accepting her diploma - can you just imagine-hahahaha!

  8. best thing you ever did - i threw my back out getting out of bed just to get that damn paci to her when she was a baby. should have just tossed it then!

  9. Hi Myrah,

    Buggy would sometimes carry that many around with her as well. We are down to 1 now and pretty much just for sleeping - i think we are slowly getting there-LOL!


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