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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks Coupon

We have quite a few kids in the neighborhood. They are a few years older than Buggy but she likes to hang with them yet will not play with them without me so they all usually come over to our house. Since I never know when the kids will be over I like to have snacks on hand.

If you are looking for a snack that your kids will love and you can feel good about then you will want to try these new Fruit Flavored snacks from Ocean Spray®.  Available in two delicious varieties and made with real fruit juice+ and natural colors* and flavors, Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks provide kids with the great tasting snacks they crave and parents with the confidence that they come from a good place. Not to mention these fruit flavored snacks contain 100% daily dose of your Vitamin C, are gluten free, contain only 80 calories, and are available with double Box Tops all year long!

Want to check out Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks? You can visit http://bit.ly/K9P4Eo to download a printable coupon to save $1.10 when you buy any TWO boxes of Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks. Remember to share the coupon offer with your blog readers, family and friends so they can take advantage of the discount as well.

Disclaimer: I received this information and the coupon offer from Ocean Spray® through MyBlogSpark.

*colors from natural sources
+These Fruit Flavored Snacks are made with apple, pear, and cranberry juice concentrate. See package for a list of complete ingredients. They are not intended to replace fruit in the diet.


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