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Monday, May 7, 2012

I’m Surrounded By Critters

For the longest time I have been telling my husband that we have “tenants” in our attic. Hubby travels all the time so he’s never around when I hear the noise coming from upstairs and when he’s home he never hears anything so he always thinks I make half the stuff up. Well that is until last week. Hubs was home for the last two weeks and he finally heard all the commotion. That was quite surprising to me because he never hears anything above the roar of the television! I’m constantly telling him to turn it down and get his hearing checked. Any-who, I digress. So now I have to get the critter guy here and catch whatever is up there.

A couple of days ago, it was a little before 8P and I was doing final call for potty. I grabbed Allie, my blind westie, called Chantal my boxer and into the yard we go when all of a sudden Chantal runs out. I look up just in the nick of time to see a huge cat like critter running into the woods. We have conservation in our back yard so we have plenty of wildlife back there. I’ve tweeted a few times about almost stepping on snakes in my yard- I hate snakes and last summer when I started blogging I posted about this little bugger, but anyway, this thing was almost the size of my boxer. I didn’t see the face but saw the body. At first I thought it was a fisher cat but when I googled it, it wasn’t even close.  What I saw looked like a cougar type cat –it had the body and the tail of that type of animal and it was yellow. Pretty freaky huh!

IMG_6892Here are the footprints we found in the sand from the “cat”. My neighbor and I have been trying to find out what it is but no luck. Yesterday while we were in the yard my boxer kept trying to go into the wooded area again but I kept calling her back. Not knowing if there was anything there, I threw something into the brush and the beast took off. I could hear the snapping of the branches and could see movement as it headed across into my neighbors territory.

I’m totally obsessed trying to find out what this thing is. I keep checking my backyard to see if it’s come out again. I won’t be leaving my girls out there by themselves especially my little Allie. I have my camera ready to go just in case. But seriously, check out those prints – they are huge!

So stay tuned- I will find out what this big cat is. What do you think these prints are?




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