I'm A Silly Mami: Today Is National Pet Day   

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today Is National Pet Day

IMG_6132Have you hugged your pet today? Today is National Pet Day, a day about creating public awareness for all our fur-babies waiting for their fur-ever homes in shelters across the nation.  There are so many pets that die for no reason all because there is no space in shelters. I recently heard on TV – not sure what channel but puppies are the first to be put down when they come to the shelter. How incredibly sad is that.

I am a huge animal lover. My dogs are my kids. They have always been completely spoiled, lots of toys, great food – whatever they need I do my best to give it to them. In return they provide unconditional love. Until recently I had four dogs – two westies and two boxers. Now I have one of each.  I got my westies as puppies but all 3 of my boxers (my male died in 2006) were from rescue.   Many people who are looking to adopt always want a puppy, they think just because the dog is older - 2+ that the dog may have “baggage”. This is so far from the truth. You can train or retrain a dog no matter what the age. I’ve been working with Boxer Rescue for more than 8 years and have seen some horrible conditions and neglect but these dogs continue to wag their little nubs and give so much love. They truly know the difference from the neglect they were in and the new loving home they were brought into. 

If you are looking to get a pet please consider adoption. There are so many wonderful animals that need loving homes- even the seniors. Just think how much love you can give them during the last few years of their lives. Think how lonely and confused they may be because they are now alone away from what they have always known. These animals end up in shelter for many reasons- economy, owner dying, moving, etc. If you have a younger pet, please consider spaying and neutering them. It will save their lives.  By adopting from a shelter you won’t be supporting the thousands of puppy mills out there that are neglecting these wonderful animals and have no care for them at all other than to produce to make money. These dogs are over bred and once they are done producing they are just dumped or killed because they have no use for them anymore.

If you are looking for a new furry friend to add to your family please consider one of the local shelters in your area. If you can’t adopt at the moment maybe you can volunteer-they are always looking for good helpers.


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