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Friday, April 20, 2012

Long Island Medium

I just started watching this show on TLC. This chick, Theresa is the Medium and she is annoying as hell. She’s like a major drama queen. I kinda want to stop watching the show because of how obnoxiously annoying she is but I confess-I’m somewhat of a believer.

Years ago I met with a Medium. I had met with him a few times. His name is Gary and he is a local in the area where I lived. He does the usual radio stints, private parties, etc. When I went to see him it was to read the cards but on that day my mom actually came through.  Gary also told me that she had a little girl with her. It was so amazing to me because that little girl was my niece.  My sister delivered her stillborn.  Gary went into details on many things about my parents. I did not offer any info because I didn’t want to “guide” him in any way. Not everything they say will come true. You have to take what they say with a grain of salt or else you will go crazy trying to see things. I like that he also records the time with you and gives you the cassette.  But still, although I do believe, I am somewhat of a skeptic. They all say pretty much the same thing – all general roundabout questions.

I’ve also seen a few other card readers. I haven’t seen one in a few years but I like to check in with them every now and again. Both of the women that read to me had asked me if I had a miscarriage.  At the time I hadn’t but in 2006 I had an ectopic pregnancy. It’s scary how they see things and you wonder how much are they willing to tell you.  The last time I saw one of the readers was in 2009. She told me that she saw some type of surgical procedure. At the time we were waiting for our insurance to approve our IVF. The procedure was the egg retrieval / embryo transfer.

There are times when nothing comes about but when they tell you something that may happen, there is no time frame. That is one thing that they can’t say. At my last visit, the reader also told me that my kids would be about 18 months apart. My daughter is now 28 months. But I do have to say that all three readers have told me that I will have two kids so I guess I’ll be going through another round of IVF soon-hopefully.

What are your thoughts on Mediums/ Readers? Are you a a believer?  Have you met with one?



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