I'm A Silly Mami: I Have Accepted The Ultimate Blog Challenge   

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Have Accepted The Ultimate Blog Challenge

I think I must have been crazy when I decided to accept this challenge. Blogging is hard work and sometimes you have major brain fart and when you finally sit down to write, all you see is a big empty screen.

For me one of the many challenges will be to actually find the time to blog every single day. With a two year old strapped to my legs, running errands, play group, activities, etc, I can barely stay awake when I finally put her down and now you tell me I have to actually blog – holy crud! I know many of you have little ones as well but I find it hard to use my computer when we are home during the day when Buggy is awake. My daughter only naps for less than two hours a day so I am usually showering, doing laundry, cleaning up, taking care of the dogs and maybe check an email or two – if I’m lucky.

But enough with the excuses already, even though it’s almost 10P, I’m exhausted and I want to just relax a bit before I zonk out, I made the commitment so It’s a done deal. One of the reasons I accepted this challenge is to keep the motivation going, learn new things in the blogger world and connect with other fellow bloggers. I consider myself a newbie still – blogging for nine months now and I’ve learned some great things reading other blogs, found some awesome recipes to try and talking with you guys means I don’t have to pay a therapist (anymore) to quiet the voices in my head. I know there are many of you there who agree with me because I’ve read it on your blogs-LOL!

Before I became a SAHM I used to work in online advertising and worked closely with publishers just like ourselves. Since I started blogging I realize how much work goes into it and the dedication it takes. It’s been fun so far. Wishing my fellow challengers luck. I hope we all earn that blue ribbon!



  1. I love a good Blog Challenge, is it to late to sign up?

    And I get what you mean about not being able to blog or do much of anything during the day with a two year old nipping your heels all day long. I am so glad Hayley is finally old enough to kick outside. 

  2. Hey Felicia,

    I think you should still be able to sign up. It is a challenge. after thinking of all the things i could blog about I totally went blank last night - the pressure! 

    Soon I'll be able to let Buggs out and have the dogs watch her-lol! 


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