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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doggie Moms

'Doggie Moms': Where to Watch Seriously, why have I not heard about this show before? "Doggie Moms" follows a group of New York City women whose lives revolve entirely around their dogs; doggie dates, birthday parties, weddings, meet-ups, pageants, fashion shows, costume contests, fundraisers, you name it. These doggie moms are tenacious about ensuring the best for their babies, pinning all of their hopes and dreams on their furry, four-legged "children."

This is definitely my kind of show. Although I’m not as bad as these women, ok not even close, but I am tenacious about about giving my babies the best. Y’all don’t know me in the real world but my dogs are my kids. They are completely spoiled. You would want to come back as a dog living in mi casa.  I now have only two dogs but when I had four and they were younger my boxers would sleep in the guest room on the king size bed- actually one of them still does, I feed them organic food- no by-products for my babies and yea I sometimes cook for them. Each fur baby has their own blanket and when it’s chilly at night I cover them and make sure they are nice and warm. Even if I wake up and roll over I will check on my babies, it’s what a mama does – right?  Since I don’t live in NY I can’t watch this show on cable but it’s available online here.

Are you a Doggie Mom? How do you spoil your fur-baby?



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  1. Hi, It's Grace from the TV reality series Doggie Moms.  I hope you'll get a chance to view our series online...we are still waiting to find out about funding for season 2.  Best, Grace and Yorkie girls, Portia and Rosie


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