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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

This winter has been quit the unusual winter. We have had two snow storms all winter – Halloween and Leap Year. So totally weird and the temperatures have been like you have been riding a roller coaster with one week being wicked cold and the next quite mild. You just don’t know how to dress and iot feels like you are always getting a cold. This week we are experiencing mild weather again and it feels like Spring especially after the weekend’s very cold weather. Today was 68 degrees. It feels awesome to finally open windows and get some fresh air into the house.

I thought I would take Buggy to the park and unfortunately I got there when it was infested with little rodents – meaning as soon as the kids came out of school they headed right to the park. Buggy loves the park but when the older kids are there it is difficult because they have no regards for the younger kids so we didn’t stay there too long.

Here are some of the pictures I took today. Buggy is into rock climbing and the Little Miss doesn’t want you helping her at all. She is completely fearless. I love the picture of her on the swing.


IMG_7502    IMG_7505      IMG_7507IMG_7506         IMG_7511

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  1. Aww, looks like she LOVES the swing!!


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