I'm A Silly Mami: High Chairs Are Not For Rocking   

Friday, January 13, 2012

High Chairs Are Not For Rocking

We have one of those portable high chairs that you attach to one of your kitchen chairs. When Miss Sassafras is in her chair I put her iPad on the table and she’s good to eat, yes I know – pretty spoiled huh but whatever.

So when Miss Sassy gets into a fit and wants out she starts to rock from side to side. For months now I’ve been telling her not to because she is going to fall. Explaining something like that to a 2 year old is like talking to the wall. But she knows what she is doing is wrong because she shakes her finger back and forth in a no-no-no way. So good, we understand each other. I also need to make sure that I don’t sit her too close to the table because then she puts her feet up and leans back.  She has come close a few times to falling back and I’ve caught her just in time.

My daughter is an adrenaline junkie!  There seems to be nothing she won’t do for the thrill of it. She loves to go higher and faster on the swing, she loves to flip and be flipped, she will throw herself on you with no warning so you have to make sure you are always ready to catch her. She spins and spins so she can fall. My little girl is fearless – just like her mama. She’s putting her daddy to shame-LOL!

But it finally caught up to her. Earlier this week I was in the living room steam cleaning the carpet while she was in her chair having lunch. All of a sudden I hear screaming. I didn’t think much of it because you know how when you are in the shower and you hear the baby crying even though the baby isn’t crying – isn’t that weird – well I just casually look into the kitchen to check on her just in case and there is no Buggy. Without seeing her I knew what had happened. I run into the kitchen and I find her on all four on the kitchen floor with the tray underneath her.  I picked her up and tried to calm her down. She was fine but just really scared. I just kept telling her that she was ok and that she couldn’t do that anymore.

All I kept thinking was well I hope you learned your lesson. I wasn’t freaked out because I was expecting it sooner or later. You can bet that I put her back in her chair later that evening for dinner. I didn’t want her to be afraid although I knew she was going to try again but she didn’t do it until the next day and she caught herself. I told her not to do it because she was going to fall again and she waved her little hand in that no-no-no and understood what would happen.

This is the beginning of many lessons – I think I’m ready.

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