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Monday, January 9, 2012

Adventures At The Senior Center

I think that is what I should rename my blog to because frankly that is what this place really is and these days I’m pretty much playing nurse to them.

My dogs are all old. I have a 10.5, 9 & 13.5 year old.  My 10 year old boxer has Degenerative Myelopathy which is a neurological disease and it has affected her back end whereas now she can barely stand unless she is on the rug. Pebbles is otherwise healthy and still tries to run around but she basically fish tales when walking about. She realizes her limitations and lays down pretty much all the time. I wish I could get her into a pool to work the legs because laying about really doesn’t help. I’m hoping that a wheel chair may help her. She can go potty on her own and I do try and get her walking when I can. I do have to help her up and down the stairs and I’m constantly picking her up when she slips and slides all over the wood floors. Pebby is a total pain in the butt when it comes to taking her pill so I always need to be creative when giving it to her but even then she refuses so I just have to pry her mouth open and shove it down.

Allie is my 13.5 year old Westie and is blind, deaf and a diabetic. She is adjusting pretty well to being blind. Since she’s been on her insulin she has been venturing about in the house trying to get the lay of the land in her new state. Outside I have to watch her because I’ve caught her stuck in the brush heading into conservation land a few times and needed to go get her.  It’s quite an adventure and like playing Where In The World Is Allie-LOL!

Thank goodness that my other boxer is doing well-so far. Chantal is 9 and gets bored very quickly so I need to try and keep her entertained. She’s my vocal girl and is constantly announcing how bored she is – just like your kids – “mom I’m bored, mom play with me”.  When she was younger she used to jump our 6ft stockade fence and got kicked out of daycare. Her first day she learned to climb the chain-link fence. She only lasted two weeks!  She’s been a total hemorrhoid all morning because she’s is bored and keeps giving me the paw while I’m trying to do this.

And then we have my little Buggy-boo. Buggy has been feeling better from her double ear infection but not 100% yet. She’s taking her medicine like a trooper but I wish the medicine would help the whining – Lord if its one thing I cannot stand is the whining, otherwise she is a typical two year old – non-stop and all over the place and at times torturing her sisters.  For some reason my little one and my dogs love waking up at 4.30AM. I can’t seem to get past this wake up time and that’s when the juggling begins – grab the little blind one and get her out, help Pebby down the stairs and out the door, try and put Buggy back down while the “special needs” are outside, race back down the stairs and look for Allie and bring her in, help Pebby back upstairs and get her settle, try and get a little bit more sleep before Buggy wakes up again for good between 5.30-6 sleep? wait- what’s that?? Y’all can’t believe how much coffee I go through!

Welcome to my home!


  1. Great to hear from you.  Haven't seen you on VB in a while!  Not Your Ordinary Agent
    Not Your Ordinary Recipes

  2. Awh poor puppies, they become so much a part of the family don't they. Prayin you get some SLEEP!

  3. Hey good to hear Buggy is doing better. Am crossing my fingers that you get to rest more soon!

  4. Poping in with vB
    WOW your hand are FULL!!!!!

  5. It looks like you're running a very busy household...dogs, kids, more dogs. It never ends, uh. We had a dog and he was so old that he couldn't walk anymore. It was the saddest day of our lives :(

  6. Oh my goodness... those poor pups! It's so sad when animals start to get older and you can tell that they are in pain or distress and you wish they could just talk and TELL you what exactly is going on.

    Hang in there, lady! Sounds like you're holding it together pretty well (goodness knows how! LOL)

    I'm stopping by (a little late) from the voiceBoks members to remember! Have a great week!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood


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