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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Cake For Breakfast

Yesterday I took Buggy for her 24 month check up. I still can’t believe my baby is two years old. How time certainly flies. I have loved every single stage and I really miss the baby stage but this is a fun stage for us. Buggy is hilarious. We are both so silly and she has me cracking up all day. I want to spend every single minute with her.

The toughest time I am having with my little Buggs is her eating habits. They are horrible and as much as I try I just cannot get this little Bugger to eat her veggies. If she doesn’t want something she will put it on the side of her tray. Colored food is just about out of the question. She loves chicken nuggets but refuses to eat any piece of chicken. Seems like we are living on hot dogs, pizza and spaghetti these days. She should be eating what we eat but so not the case. There are some healthy foods that she eats but it depends on her mood. I’m happy that she loves fruit and her dairy although she refuses to drink milk but since she’s still nursing, I’m fine with that. Dinner is such a struggle with her at times.

Buggy does like her junk food. She loves her ice cream and tries to get it as much as she can even for breakfast. I think she is taking after her daddy who loves everything sweet which is what I’m afraid of. That is why I refuse to give her juice although she did have some on her birthday. Daddy has been hounding me so to get him off my back I let her have some and she didn’t care for it. She reached for her water instead and I was so happy. There will be plenty of time for her to have juice so for now I want to plant the seed for healthy things. Daddy’s idea of breakfast is anything but breakfast but generally he will have a Fiber One bar or something like that. I am constantly on his case about eating healthy in front of her. She is in the absorption stage right now and when she see’s him eating crap then that’s what she wants to eat. Last month I caught her eating a peanut butter cup because she saw daddy eating one that morning, how she got the wrapper open is beyond me.

So when Buggy and I were at the doctors office I was mentioning to her doctor the difficult time I am having with her eating habits and told him what a bad influence daddy can be – yes daddy I went there – although he said that he didn’t like to take sides, Dr.L said he agrees with me. He mentioned diabetes in young kids, obesity, etc and jokingly I said I wish I could have recorded him saying that or maybe he could write me a note.  Before he left I saw him writing a script and I thought it was for vitamins. Check out what he wrote – I loved it!

No cake for breakfast

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