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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally Saying Goodbye To 2011

I say good riddance to 2011! This year totally sucked ass! I’m so glad that it is just about over – just a few hours left. There was so much sadness, I shed way too many tears and dealt with so much family drama bullshit-on both sides. I really hate drama. I’m more of a laid back person and like to go with the flow. I prefer humor with a screw you attitude.  I don’t like to  drama – did I mention that already!

Earlier this year I also dropped a few bitches who I thought were friends. Friends who I was always there for, listening to their complaints about family, husbands, friends, their own family gossip and what not. Hung out after class and had drinks with, studied together, supported each other, listened to stories about the cheating husband, breast cancer, single mom –looser ex-husband, blah blah blah. Yet these bitches weren’t there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to, vent with, to tell me no I’m not crazy or say hell yea bitch you is crazy! But that’s ok, I’m strong, I survived but y’all can SUCK IT!  That’s your loss. I’d rather be lonely than deal with fake and phony. I don’t do well with fake and phony.

The worst part of this year was when my dog died. Tasha was the best little Westie dog ever. She was my shadow, my little side kick. I became a mommy when I got her. She was my baby when I struggled to have a real one. She licked away my tears, offered her shoulder when I needed one and gave me her paw to let me know that she was there for me. I miss my baby girl so much. This was the first Christmas in 14 years I didn’t have her by my side. She was the only dog that slept in bed with me. I miss my furry best friend and it fricken sucks. Pebbles, one of my boxers isn’t doing well and just found out that my other Westie- Allie is pretty much blind and is now diabetic. I gave her the first insulin shot this morning. So far Chantal is doing great. These dogs were my first babies. They are mama’s girls.

2012 will have good things in store for me and I say that because for me the glass is always half full. I have health, my family and lots of humor but most of all I have you guys. I love blogging and always feel so much better when I put it out there – it’s therapy and you guys are totally awesome!

So from me to you:

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  1. Sorry that pebbles and Ally aren't doing well :( It is so hard when they all get old together. Sorry about your friends being nasty to you also :( Geez! Hope 2012 is better for you! Hey, I need help with this DISQUS commenting thing....I see I have notifications and I can't get them! ? YOu and one other blog I follow uses this system and I see you and others have sent me messages but I can't get to them! So I never get your responses! :(


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