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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Tribute To Fred


Last week one of the girls from our Boxer Rescue group suddenly lost her beloved Boxer Fred to kidney disease. This was so unexpected. She had sent an email to the group regarding some of the symptoms that Fred was experiencing – shaking, vomiting and not eating. She was to take him to the vet the next day. The following day we received an email saying that Fred was in kidney failure and had to be put down. We were all in shock – this was certainly not expected.  We are all heartbroken for Julie and her family.  I have four dogs, all seniors and two of them are not doing well. I just cannot imagine… God Speed Fred, we’ll see you at the Bridge.


For those Boxer Babies in the sky
Who have left our loving arms
Don't stop to ask or wonder why
Just know they're free from harm

No pain or fright confronts them now
They've left that all behind
They're embracing joy and freedom
And still live in our minds

Eyes are bright and seeing clear
Velvet skin is healed
Legs aren't stiff, and ears can hear
Our love they still can feel

Embrace their memory, hold it tight
Wipe away your tears
The Boxer joy that filled your life
Will last throughout the years

Think of them with happy thoughts
Say a thankful prayer
All those happy Boxer angels
Still know that we care

written by Dolly Juhlin June '97


  1. Fred was so cute .. I don't have any pets and my kids and husband loves dogs..and I can't imagine having one and loosing it :( ...

    PS..Thank you for your visit to the Blog and for the nice comment :) 

  2. :( So sorry to hear about Fred :( That is the worst part of pet ownership they go to soon :(

  3. Hey Elly,

    yea It's tough when they get older or sick and you loose them but they give so much joy and happiness. They become one of your kids. 

  4. Thanks Jessica,

    A pet becomes a member of your family. They are your kids. Make great memories and make them all count. Thanks for stopping by


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