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Monday, September 12, 2011

Poems For My Mother

I couldn’t decide on which poem I wanted to post so I’m posting both of them.  I found these online.

Today Is Your Birthday                                                                                          © Mirandottie

Today is your birthday
If only you were here to stay
To have a big celebration
Yet it's pain over a relation

We are all standing here
Hoping that you will appear
Though we know you never will
Yet we stand there still

We try and remember you
And what you did and what you knew
To try and make you real again
To take away the waking pain

Everyone misses your face
There is a big gap in your place
Your place that is next to ours
And this is why they bring you flowers

Flowers of happy, flowers of sad
Flowers of remembrance I may add
So here is a yellow rose
For my love is what it shows


MoM                                                                                                                                                                                 © Karen Williams

Mom is gone to heaven
No more suffering
No more Pain
She went to be with Jesus
She didn't go in vain
Peace and Calm surround her
Her mind is hers again

She met up with her Mom & Dad
Who were waiting at the gate
They took her to meet Jesus
You know she wasn't late
She put her arms around him
Looked up at his face

She said Father thank you for saving me
And bringing me to this place
I have one prayer to pray Lord
And I've prayed it all along
The ones I've left behind me
Please see them safely Home

I'll meet them at the River
When they have finished there race
I told them where to meet me
It's the very best place



  1. Very nice poem!

    Found you through MBC! Let's follow each other?


  2. Thanks - I found them online. so many beautiful poems.  following you back!

  3. I like especially the second poem... so innocent and poignant.

    Following you back from Thoughtful Thursday.  Thanks for linking up with us this week! 

  4. Jessica @FoundtheMarblesSeptember 16, 2011 at 10:24 AM

    These are a beautiful tribute to your mother.


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