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Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Sleep For Mami

Yup, this is how I spent last night. For those of you who's little ones are sleeping through the night - I bow down to you.  At 19 months I am still waiting for Buggy to do this.  I don't know what was going with her. I even put her down a little bit earlier last night.  All was going well and Mami was going to relax a bit - or so I thought.  The first rounds of Mama Mama Mama started at 1:00 AM. Buggy finally goes back down, Mami goes back to sleep.

And then...

You got it, Tasha starts hacking. Along with bladder cancer and Cushions Disease my little fur baby also has a collapsed trachea.  Check out her profile - My Fur Babies. For some reason it seems to act up more at night. We have to keep her cool but even with the ceiling fan on and the AC it seemed like it was just going to be one of those nights.  So this was my night. My kid and dog tagged teamed me.  When Buggy would finally fall back asleep and Mami would start hugging her pillow again Tasha would start. All fricken night they would alternate, seriously!  I kept thinking of that book by Adam Mansback - Go The F*ck To Sleep. Not a book you want to read to your kids but it is pretty funny. I think many parents can certainly relate. 

So this morning as hubby heads out for golf he says, rough night last night huh, she was up for what - an hour?  He was lucky I was too tired to grab one of his clubs and hit him over the head with it.  He'll sleep through anything even when I put the monitor right near his head and crank up the volume while Buggy is screaming.

Time for more coffee.


  1. hello, following from MBC.
    i have twin baby girls, 7 months, i was so lucky they both slept through the night from 8 weeks, untill a month ago they both got colds and now they wake more than when they were new borns, i feel like a zombie!!
    lovely blog.
    nikki xo

  2. aw that is rough! i hope you get some sleep soon!! And I know that feeling about husbands sleeping through it all. Tim is really good about taking care of Payton but that is because I practically did need to get a golf club and swat him because he didn't even realize he was sleeping through it all lol

  3. When my youngest was a baby, she was colic, so sleep wasn't really on the agenda. I remember one especially hard night, I was on my knees, holding her little hand through the crib slats, both of us crying :(

    I eventually discovered that dairy wasn't her thing, and we were all much happier after that!


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