I'm A Silly Mami: My Little Tubby Pooper   

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Little Tubby Pooper

Who would have thunk that pooping in your bath water would be so much fun. For two days Buggy kept pooping in the tub.  The first time was totally unexpected. I can usually tell when she is going to poo and will take her out and try and put her on the potty or quickly bathe her and take her out.  The second day well I admit that was totally my fault but I swear I checked her but before I put her in the tub.

Buggy loves to take a tubby. As a newborn the nurse gave her a bath on her second day of entering our lives and she just laid there and totally chilled.  I was totally amazed especially since I always thought that babies hated to take baths and pretty much screamed bloody murder the whole time. Not my Buggs. She totally loved it.  She was the easiest baby to bathe and never even then poo'd in the tub.  Fast forward 19 months - we now have poo baths.  I must say that it doesn't happen a lot but often enough.

I guess if I had not been busy checking Twitter on my phone I would have noticed Buggy playing with a new toy in her tubby.  It wasn't until I looked up and she kept saying Mama Mama Mama and hands me something brown and in my proud Mami voice say what a good girl she is sharing her toys with Mami.  At first I didn't realize what It was then my reaction was "oh shit", no pun intended,  threw my phone down and pulled her out. Had to wash the tub and disinfect the toys again.  

The whole time I'm telling her no potty in the tubby and she is waving her finger back and forth saying no as if agreeing with me. Yea she totally gets it and silly Mami gets it too - watch Buggy instead of checking Twitter.
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